Is spiritual  surgery dangerous?

It is not dangerous.  It involves spiritual rituals.  However, it would be better for you to find a Healer with Good reputation. 

How much does it cost?

There is no specific amount of money in exchange for this service.   It varies from healer to healer. 

Ask the healer first how much you will pay before starting your healing program.

Who is the best Healer in the Philippines?

There is known information who is the best Healer in Philippines.  Certain Healers may claim that they are the best for commercial reasons.  Some Healers are very popular but that does not mean they are the best. 

Can a child have this form of healing?

As a parent, it would be best for you not to have an infant or a young child undergo this procedure.  It can be traumatic experience for a child to see some blood.   I also suggest  not to take a child in healing centers that do this procedure.   A child is like a sponge that  absorbs everything. A child can be affected psychologically by what he/she sees or hears.  Better go to a medical physician when it comes to the health of your child.

Can I be cured completely?

It all depends on the energy projected towards the patient.  Many people don't get healed physically but many have also been healed completely.   I believe that it is a case-to-case basis.   A Healer can never guarantee any healing to take place.  Therefore, a Healer must be humble enough to accept that he/ she is just an instrument.   Healing is a form of miracle. 

How can I contact a Healer?

List is available on this site's Blog Page.  The directory will be updated.  You may also visit the Philippines and visit each Healer suggested to you (but this can be costly and waste of don't do this).   Ask your friends or people you know who can give recommendations.  You may also find information on the internet for other healers that are not listed here.   Just find an honest healer.

Can I mix relaxation with healing?

Absolutely, if you are not bedridden.  It depends on your physical and mental condition.  There are many places to visit in Philippines.  There are many beautiful beaches, hot springs, spa, and other beautiful sceneries that you may visit during your stay in Philippines. 

What will I do before I visit Philippines for Healing?

Consult with a Medical Physician regarding your desire to visit Philippines for healing.  Make sure you are physically fit to travel.   Contact your healer first.  Make booking arrangements for your accommodation, plane ticket, etc. 

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